Firstly — thanks so much for your interest in contributing to SImMER! We look forward to any additions you might make.

If you’re new to the Git workflow, please first familiarize yourself with the Astropy workflow.

A few items that are specific to our project:

  • Please submit a pull request as soon as you feel comfortable! It’s entirely fine if your code isn’t finalized; you could submit a draft, which would allow us to provide our thoughts on your feature even while it’s in progress.

  • Consider downloading pre-commit before you make new commits; this will make it much easier for you to ensure that your code passes all relevant checks.

  • If you add a new module (i.e., add a new file with Python code within src/simmer), you’ll need to add its name as a string to the known_third_party list at the bottom of pyproject.toml; otherwise, the sorting check that is performed won’t recognize your new module, and it will throw an error.

  • Be sure to write tests for your new code!

  • To run tests from a single file, run python -m src.simmer.tests.new_file from the root directory (that is, the outermost SImMER directory if you’ve clones from GitHub).